Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Time of Fire

The walk with God is often not an easy walk.
But God is always faithful - and if we listen to the Christ within, we will realise that God has a purpose and a plan for each one of us - and he deals with us according to our needs.

For us as a family - the last couple of months have been very hard. We have not had any regular source of income - and we have constantly been humbled by the love of those around us - who have often assisted us - even when their own need was great. We have seen such evidence of how Christ's body works and how we share an awesome God.

The lessons of learning to trust in God and not in man have been very hard - and to learn to "abide in Christ" has been very difficult - but also joyful.
We have needed to look beyond bills not being paid - to receiving the blessings that God has in store for us. We have never not wanted to work and earn a living - but God has taken us down a path where we just do not have work - and all our striving has been fruitless - and during this time - all we can do is turn to God.

For our children it has been a hard walk - but as they learn understand God's mercy and his provision - they have learn to be content with little and in fact we have found new ways to be joyful without spending money - and this has been awesome for us all!

Our family is tighter and happier than it has ever been - and we have learnt to know the love of Christ's body in new way.

As some one who has always preferred to serve and to give - learning to receive has been very hard, but a very important lesson.

We give thanks to God every day - and we have learnt to soar like eagles - what a blessing!!

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