Sunday, March 08, 2009

Twee Riviere

A lot has happened in the last two months. Michelle and I have been blessed with a wonderful contract writing concepts for a proposed TV series for Animal Planet. This has been exciting and fun! The contract ends this month - and we again trust the Lord for provision for the future.

It has been such an exciting journey! And the blessings keep flowing. But the events of the last few weeks has started us on a brand new adventure.

We have been praying for guidance about where the Lord wants us to be, and what His plans for us are. Without seeking or striving, doors started opening and invitations were extended to us to see people we hardly knew.

As a result we made the journey to Twee Riviere, near Joubertina in the Langkloof. Neither Michelle or I had ever been here, and it was the last place in the world we would have thought of visiting. We went to visit Julian and Karen Heim, whom we had met briefly at Calvary Chapel some months previously. Our visit was based on a prompting from the Lord and has resulted in us moving to Twee Riviere!

We have had overwhelming confirmation in the Word, and in prayer, that we must move to this small community, where we will build a simple house on 1.5 Hectares of land we have been offered, we will strive to be self sufficient and we feel that we have a calling to minister to the community. We are called to share Paul's revelation of the Christ within to a divided and in many cases, a broken community.
How we will live and support ourselves is in God's hands - but we will be living in Twee Riviere from March 2009! And we are excited and filled with joy at this next adventure in our walk with the Lord!

From Media and IT, to building a house and farming the land - life is exciting!
Now if anyone has some spare doors, windows, plumbing and building supplies......!!