Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spring in Twee Riviere

Life in Twee Riviere is one non-stop roller coaster ride. Small things become huge, big things become giants and people loom large in the very focused view finder one tends to have in this beautiful valley.

It is two months since my last blog - and that is not because nothing has happened, but rather because so much has happened! During these two months I had one of the most amazing birthdays of my life, attended a truly amazing "Mad Hatter's Party", attended wonderful music evenings and between all these events I have been submerged in a sea of unexpected work - which has been a blessing although the stress of meeting deadlines sometimes reminded me of life in the city.

On the morning of my birthday, a Sunday, which I thought would be a quiet day, a bakkie full of the Grobler family arrived at 7AM. As I stumbled to the front door, the entire clan (all 9 of them), broke into song from the back of the bakkie and serenaded me (complete with guitarist!). They then disembarked and carrying baskets to the house set up our garden table with a breakfast feast. It was the most wonderful and blessed way to start the day! The breakfast lasted all morning, with friends popping in and offering good wishes. We then decided to head for the Kouga river with about 8 people in the Cruiser, and everyone enjoyed their time in the cold but refreshing water.

A week later we had another birthday - this time it was Linda's. She decided she wanted a "Mad Hatter's Party" and what fun this was. Loads of people arrived in the
wierdest and jolly hats. We had breakfast in their orchard, which was full of blossoms for spring. Again another blessed day!

The lessons we are learning are becoming clear to us. God blesses us bountifully, even in our times of testing. The secret is to keep trusting and to no loose faith. No-one promised us an easy road - and we are reminded of one of the first things we were told when we arrived here: "The Langkloof is not for sisies!" That was meant to be encouragement?!

Times got tough, and even tougher and then really tough! We are trying to teach 6 students the rudiments of taking and creating video images - we have an old wonky PC that is running Linux and Ubunutu Studio for editing - and it crashes at least once a day! But the students are amazing - their creativity does not cease to astound us. We only have an unprotected microphone on the camera, so sound recordings in the open are a challenge, we use a car windscreen sunshade as a reflector - but we are getting super results. It all goes to show - you can do amazing things with no gear.

Finally, I have had to come to terms with my own battles. I was diagnosed bipolar more than 15 years ago - and have been in denial since then. Things came to a point a few weeks ago that I needed to seek help - and Michelle and I drove to our old doctor in Sedgefield (whom I trusted and who attended at my Pancreatitis operation). Driving over 230kms to see a doctor is crazy - but it was the best thing I have done for a long time. After diagnosis he prescribed medication (unbelievably expensive! but God provides - this time via my wonderful sister) which has changed my life. So now we live in a state where I belive the Holy Spirit will use this medication to heal me.
To read more about Bipolar disorder, check out my blog in the links panel on the left of this blog.