Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Time of Fire

The walk with God is often not an easy walk.
But God is always faithful - and if we listen to the Christ within, we will realise that God has a purpose and a plan for each one of us - and he deals with us according to our needs.

For us as a family - the last couple of months have been very hard. We have not had any regular source of income - and we have constantly been humbled by the love of those around us - who have often assisted us - even when their own need was great. We have seen such evidence of how Christ's body works and how we share an awesome God.

The lessons of learning to trust in God and not in man have been very hard - and to learn to "abide in Christ" has been very difficult - but also joyful.
We have needed to look beyond bills not being paid - to receiving the blessings that God has in store for us. We have never not wanted to work and earn a living - but God has taken us down a path where we just do not have work - and all our striving has been fruitless - and during this time - all we can do is turn to God.

For our children it has been a hard walk - but as they learn understand God's mercy and his provision - they have learn to be content with little and in fact we have found new ways to be joyful without spending money - and this has been awesome for us all!

Our family is tighter and happier than it has ever been - and we have learnt to know the love of Christ's body in new way.

As some one who has always preferred to serve and to give - learning to receive has been very hard, but a very important lesson.

We give thanks to God every day - and we have learnt to soar like eagles - what a blessing!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Needs in the Fish Hoek Valley

Michelle and I met with the amazing Floyd McClung last week. (See the links on the left of this blog) Read his incredible work in Kabul and Amsterdam, Living on the Devil's doorstep
We spent a few hours discussing the needs in the Valley, and the wonderful work that All Nation's are doing in the two very poor settlements of Red Hill and Masiphumelele.

We have met with Rev John Thomas of King of King's Baptist Church - and he is a man with a mission to serve the poor and needy in this Valley. He has initiated some fantastic progams, and has some exciting works waiting to be started.

God is calling us all to care - and these two settlements are areas of major need. We must assist people to cope with the enormous poverty, deprivation and the hopelessness they are living with.

Currently we are drafting a proposal, which we are planning to present to the major Christian organisations involved in the Valley. This is for an Emergency Home for "at risk" and abandoned babies and young children who need a temporary place of safety and love. We are also looking to establish a longer term children's home for older children. Our emphasis is that it must be a stable, caring and loving environment where children can at least get a chance to survive away from the abuse and danger's they may have been growing up with.

As usual - funding is always a problem - unless you can attract media attention!

We are currently working with a few at risk children - and there is really no place for them to go! One family in the Valley seems to be shouldering the responsibility for fostering all the unwanted children in this area - where is the heart of our community?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

20th November 2008 - Mission?

Michelle and I are on the brink of a brand new chapter in our rather adventurous lives together!

We have felt a strong calling on us since last year, and although the last 10 months at Media Village was a wonderful growing experience - we feel The Lord wants us to devote ourselves to working full time for him.

We are currently unemployed and living on faith and miraculous support. Our vision is to SERVE. And to do this we are looking at using the wonderful skills God has given us through His grace.

We believe that a new and wonderful walk with the Lord stretches out before us and we are excited by the knowledge that the Christ who lives in us will guide us in this new walk.

At the end of October we were blessed with a wonderful gift from dear friends in Christ, which enabled us to travel to Port Elizabeth to attend a conference on The Christ Life, led by Warren Litzman.
It was a time to be silent with Christ, and to allow Him to lead.

I have come away from this conference with a new understanding of "be-ing" in Christ, and to stop trying to "do" for Christ. We spend so much energy and effort in striving that we loose the wonderful peace and rest which Christ wants for us.

One of the most difficult things to do in the flesh - is to rest in Christ - and yet it is also the most simple thing to do - This has been my revelation and has brought me to an even closer relationship with Christ.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

1st April 2008

I am sitting at my desk looking out to the sea off Kalk Bay. It is a beautiful day - when the Cape just smiles on everyone!
It is times like this that one is reminded of the beauty of God's creation.
I have been at Media Village Productions for 2 months now. The work has been hectic and I have been struggling to keep up with variety of new and old issues that need to be dealt with. One thing is certain - I will never be bored here!
This work is one of God's finest Blessings on my life and I hope and trust that with Media Village - we will be able to make a significant impact on many people's lives through our work in media.