Monday, December 01, 2008

Needs in the Fish Hoek Valley

Michelle and I met with the amazing Floyd McClung last week. (See the links on the left of this blog) Read his incredible work in Kabul and Amsterdam, Living on the Devil's doorstep
We spent a few hours discussing the needs in the Valley, and the wonderful work that All Nation's are doing in the two very poor settlements of Red Hill and Masiphumelele.

We have met with Rev John Thomas of King of King's Baptist Church - and he is a man with a mission to serve the poor and needy in this Valley. He has initiated some fantastic progams, and has some exciting works waiting to be started.

God is calling us all to care - and these two settlements are areas of major need. We must assist people to cope with the enormous poverty, deprivation and the hopelessness they are living with.

Currently we are drafting a proposal, which we are planning to present to the major Christian organisations involved in the Valley. This is for an Emergency Home for "at risk" and abandoned babies and young children who need a temporary place of safety and love. We are also looking to establish a longer term children's home for older children. Our emphasis is that it must be a stable, caring and loving environment where children can at least get a chance to survive away from the abuse and danger's they may have been growing up with.

As usual - funding is always a problem - unless you can attract media attention!

We are currently working with a few at risk children - and there is really no place for them to go! One family in the Valley seems to be shouldering the responsibility for fostering all the unwanted children in this area - where is the heart of our community?


  1. Hi Alex & Michelle, I have a suggestion that might help your community, maybe somthing like that is already happening .... need an email address please

  2. Sorry I forgot my Email address to contact me hope to hear from you soon