Friday, July 23, 2010

Disillusionment and other D words

destroy dislike demon disinterest devil death die defeat drivel dentist distaste disease disharmony divorce drugs drunk dislike discontent dump damned dank debt decadent decay deceive decompose decrepit deface defeat deform defunct delude demean demented deny depression depraved deride desperate detest devious diet diarrhea dirty dirge disgrace discourage discriminate disfigure disgruntled distrust doldrums doubt drama drastic

Someone told me the other day that Mother Theresa was, apparently, disillusioned.
I wondered about that.
Good works can be dangerous.

I feel disillusioned.
And I only tried to do a few good works.
Nothing like Mother Theresa.
Someone else said she was bitter.
I feel bitter too.

But maybe its just End of World Cup Blues. Or Beginning of School Blues.
Or working in the Koshuis Blues.

I just read a book called Blue like Jazz.
I feel Blue.
I like Jazz.
The book is about being a Christian. Donald Miller says some great real true things about it all.
I had a good laugh.
Which is just as well because there is not much to laugh about in the Land of the D words.
Which is Life in the Langkloof for us, right now.

We came because we had a Dream To Live Off the Land.
It has become a Nightmare.
To succeed you need lots of Money.
Or lots of Children.
Or be very Young.
Or have lots of Energy...

I am created, it would seem, to be Relentlessly Cheerful.
Apart from the odd Debilitating Depression.
Deliverance comes through understanding that He is in us all through it all -
the Circumstances and Situations of this Rock and Rollercoaster Ride .

I used to put in orders to God.
Mostly about changing things.
I thought God was a Make Over Artist.
Or a Magician performing Magic tricks.
I was into Miracles.
I used the word Must - a lot.
Things have changed.

Now I am a Chameleon Christian.
Colourful. Changing. Cocoon. Chrysalis.
Lately I am exploring the Butterfly within.
I just watched this song about Flying on U-tube. I think it was a Christian song.
It didn't mention God much.
I liked it.

God invented the Alphabet.
He put it into Adam so that he could have fun naming all the Animals.
He programmed us so that we could come up with a multitude of languages around the time of the Tower of Babel.
Sometimes I'm not glad He did because I have to speak Afrikaans.
Sometimes I'm glad He did because it made the World Cup a lot more fun. Although a lot of language was lost because of the Vuvuzelas.
Personally I'm a Vuvuzela fan, although I think they create one of the great divides in the world right now.
Even amongst Christians - some of us are afraid of them because they might be Pagan.
I can't help quite liking Pagan.

The World Cup was a great distraction. Especially from the D words.
Now we only have the Surfing Competition up the road at Jeffreys Bay. Its not the same. There were only one or two Vuvuzelas.
A lot of surfers are Christians.
We used to be part of a great Surfer Church in Kommetjie.
I miss it.
I miss a lot of things.

I've got to move on from the D words. I realize that.
E words do look a lot more euphemistic.

experiment exhilarate exhaust elation expanse ecstasy easy eclipse escape empty emancipate elastic energy explore explosive energy experience expend exchange exodus exit evolve eventful evangelize euphoria entertain enter epiphany epistle epic encore encourage enchant enigmatic enormous emigrate embryo embrace elope eloquent eject elegant egg edit evacuate end


  1. Fantastic, fabulous, fine, funny, flowery, fluent, forceful, forgiving, fortunate, frank,
    ... feeeenominal?
    I'm sure the Lord gave you mastery over more words and letters of the alphabet than most of us ... than me. An inspiring post, as always.

  2. Anonymous3:53 PM

    I agree with Nadene 100%!! Have been realising that the D words are ALSO part of the Christian experience. Lots of love, Corli