Sunday, January 17, 2010

Three days in

We have been in school for three days and I felt I wanted to add an addendum to my previous blog.

Lex and I have been surprised, and overjoyed by how well things have gone. Georgia and Jethro are simply loving school, and to be honest we don't really know why. Sure, the teachers are kind and helpful. The school atmosphere is intimate and friendly. But they are also dealing with huge challenges. Georgia hardly understands a word spoken to her ( although the rate with which she is learning is astounding!). They are in a school where the racial divide is almost insurmountable, without being actually rascist, its just that the children come from radically different worlds and there is no middle ground.

Taking all these factors into account we can only thank God that they are striking out and finding their place. We have no illusions that challenges might still come, but these ones are being taken in their stride. Appropriately enough, considering that the school is intensely athletic, and Jethro has quickly become friends with a javelin, high jump and long jump. He has a great sense of humour and entertains us with very funny school stories every day. Georgia has rapidly become pretty popular and can be found at the centre of a giggling group of blond 'boeremeisies' at break.

We are still reeling - how did all this happen - but I am having such fun building a name for myself as a pretty nutty drama teacher that I am glad it did.

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