Monday, April 27, 2009


We have been released!

We have been wonderfully blessed and will be able to send our furniture and possessions to Twee Riviere.

Much preperation and planning is needed to be ready by Thursday when the move will take place. Our concern is that rain and cold is forecasted for this day - but nothing will stop us from heading off to the promised land!

Our new rented home will be our place of refuge until our house is built - and the owners have been so kind and blessed to us - we rejoice in the way that the Lord touches people's hearts!

Our prayers for the last few months have been that the Lord will enable this move to take place - and now we are at this point - and our flesh responds in fear and anxiety! But we know the Lord has called us to this new chapter in our lives - and we need to trust in him for the fulfilment of the vision and the dream. We are leaving our support base, our friends and even our financial prospects - but either there is a God or we are living in a vacuum. And we KNOW there is a God, an almighty God who makes the impossible possible. We have seen this repeatedly in our lives - we have had miracles of provision when food and electricity and petrol have run out - and suddenly - someone knocks on our door and delivers 20 bags of groceries! Or we are filled with doubt that we will have the finances to move - and the month is coming to an end - and we are given a gift that meets all our needs. Or we are weak - and He makes us strong, we are sick and He heals us. We seek confirmation of his plans and someone phones us with an exact confirmation. We read a verse and pray for confirmation - and someone phones us (who we have met once) and tells us that the Lord has laid a scripture on her heart - and she quotes us exactly the same scripture. We run out of petrol and we receive a gift to fill our tank!

God is good - we just need to open our eyes to see all that He is doing for us each day!

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