Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Call

Michelle and I attended a wonderful mission's workshop, 2007 CALVARY CHAPEL AFRICA CONFERENCE, organised by Calvary Chapel in Cape Town South Africa.
At this conference we were blessed through meeting wonderful Christians from Africa and America - and in particular we met with Steve and Nora Braselton, from Calvary Chapel Monterey Bay.
They had just come back from Malawi and are thinking of relocating to Malawi to work with the widows and orphans. Their contact is in Lilongwe, Pastor Joseph D.N. Hara, who works in a very poor community - with major HIV and poverty issues.
We have no idea how God will use us - but we believe that will be God's will not ours. Michelle has many years of community work experience, and worked in the UK for many years as a missionary in Muslim communities.
My experience is diverse - IT, television and film production, business management - and most importantly - a heart to server Jesus.
So we have the call - now we must trust the Lord to wait for Him to lead.

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